miscarried December 29, 2004.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Tessa and Tanner:
December 29th, 2004 This is the day we first saw you, but we did not hear you cry, ‘cuz it was also the day we had to say good-bye. We loved you from the day we knew you were on your way, a boy or a girl, it was too soon to say. We did not expect to see you so soon, the date was set for sometime in June. You were so tiny we could not believe our eyes, a third child to love despite your small size. We counted your fingers and all of your toes, ten of each right where they go. You had two eyes that would never see and two ears that would never hear, just know that in our hearts we hold you so dear. We wait for the day that we see you again, and in my arms I will hold you for as long as I can. The Lord has a plan, and in this I have faith, so joy fills my heart as I wait and I wait, until the day I again can see your sweet angel face.


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