stillborn October 23,2004.
Remembered by Love Mommy & Daddy (Angie&Rico):
We were so excited to know that we were pregnant and so looking forward to your soon arrival. Then one day something went wrong and we were rushed to the hospital and my infection took over my body and one thing led to another and suddenly your heart stopped. I was left without words and my heart ached, just knowing the last thing you heard was my heartbeat. You never had a chance to cry but I was thankful that I had the opportunity to see you and hold you in my arms. Daddy held you too and all grandparents and aunts and uncels held you and we all got to say a few prayers before you left us. It was so hard for your dad, instead of rejoicing for a birth he was preparing for a funeral. He had to be strong and made sure everything was just right for your funeral, your white outfit, the rosary, the pendant, the teddy bear & the casket. It was and still is a very difficult time, but we will always have you in our hearts forever. I love you baby Sara, I think about you day and night and I'm not quite sure if I will be ok, but your dad's taking good care of me and I know God is taking good care of you in heaven. Love you so much our first little angel Sara, big kisses are sent your way sweetie.


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