born 08 November 1997 and died 07 June 1998.
Remembered by his mom Judith and dad Ahmet:
You were a very wanted baby and loved dearly from the minute you were conceived, little did we know that our plans for you were not going to be. You entered our lives this sweet adorable baby who' s smile no one ever forgot and never once did you stop smiling even though you could not move and at the end when you were in pain your smile never lessoned. I miss you beyond words sometimes I dare'nt remember you as it hurts too much. Your seven months with us was the best months of my life and when you died you took a part of me with you that can never be replaced. Oh to have you in my arms again, to smell and kiss you, but these things other mothers take for granted I can only remember and memories must sustain me now.
But you taught me something very precious about life that no matter what happens and no matter what adversity we may face if you can keep smiling it somehow puts everything back in to perspective and that death and dying are not too be feared, as you my baby boy faced adversity then death and you fought to the very end and when you could not fight anymore you gracefully exited and went to meet our maker and became an angel and thats how I think of you now an angel in the sky's free and mobile smiling down on the rest of us waiting for us to join you on one fine day. I thank God for the seven months we shared and it was an honour to be your parents.
Some people only dream of angels I held one in my arms.


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