born 18th May 2004 and died 21st May 2004.
Remembered by Mummy, Daddy, Big Sister and everyone who knew and loved our sweet girl:
Our precious star Emily, You were with us for three short days and those days we spent every second we could holding you, touching you, talking to you and loving you. You were born full term but with so many problems which your poor body could not cope with. Mummy can remember your final moments when I saw you struggling for breath. I placed my head as near to you as I could and whispered that it was OK for you to go, that we understood how much discomfort you were and that you could let go. As much as we loved you and wanted you so badly, we could not see you in pain. Now, eight months later you are still a huge part of our life and will remain so forever. Every day, Mummy, Daddy and Chloe think of you and hope you are playing with all the other Angel Babies. Sweet Dreams dear, sweet girl.


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