stillborn 30 July 2004.
Remembered by mummy:
i miss my baby so much i would give anything to see her smile or even hear her cry. i have just turned 18 and this time last year i fell pregnant. my baby was so active when i done the dishes she would spin round and kick like mad, when certin songs came on she would kick too. i didnt mind when she woke me up in the night kicking, i loved it. when i had 13 weeks to go something wasnt right when i woke up there was no movment.the doctor did some scans and told me my baby had no hertbeat i got induced and 3 days later i had the most beautiful baby girl in my arms but she wasnt breathing. 7 weeks later ifound out i was pregnant with twins but i sadly miscerried when i was 7 weeks pregnant i have never told any one this but i named them Leah and Leon. i will never forget or stop missing and loving my babies.


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