born Feb 1st 2003 and died Feb 10th 2003.
Remembered by God Mommy & Uncle Fro, Brother Markus:
Hello Our Special Angel, Well baby girl, I'm always thinking of you,did you like mommy's flowers and the 2 pink ones with your happy birthday balloons for you :-) How did you like your valentine candel today, I still have it burning for you, I know you are looking down on us and we miss you so very much. What do you think about your little brother...he's getting so big. You always giude him sweety, and I know you will teach him all of your best. I know Aunt Cindy and Your Nana Betty are taking care of you there and guiding you, Just always know we love and miss you all so much and you just guide your brouther and Lilly and we will all be ok..till I talk to you again and see you one day..All Our Love, I Miss You My Babie :-( Come To My Dream's Summer is coming again and I do beleive that when the crane was there your with me babie girl Your God Mommy, and SO PROUD OF YOU know where those come from..


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