born July 2, 1999 and died October 29, 1999.
Remembered by everyone who saw him and held him and loved him:
Our baby was almost 4 months old when he went up to heaven to become a cherub, bearing a set of small golden wings. Daniel was very curious baby, wouldn't hesitate a second to look around him and the surroundings. He would lift himself in push-up position, and then he would look left to right then to left again. Daniel was an attention getter, more attention he gets, merrier he was. Like a kitten, he mews. It was angel singing to my ears. Daniel barely cries, unless he wants food in his tummy. Yes, he loves to be held, play with, and jiggle, which he respond with happy open-mouthed face. He doesn't complain when changing diapers, instead I am sure he has that satisfying grim.
Daniel, his reason of leaving us is that dreadful SIDS. Without warning, it had hit us hard. Very. My husband and I will always remember our first baby son, Daniel. We will think of happy memories of him and how wonderful he was instead of thinking about that last moment.


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