stillborn February 19th, 2005.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy and all of those whose hearts you touched:
Jailyn, you were our first baby, our amazing little girl!! We were willing to help you overcome everything associated with Spina Bifida but we now believe you realized something worse was in your future and knew it was going to be too tough, either for you or us... so you decided to leave us at the very end of Mommy's pregnancy, the day before you were supposed to come into this world. We miss you greatly and you took a piece of everyone's heart when you left. I'm sure your great Nana is taking amazing care of you and we know you are playing with mommy's childhood dog, Tyson. Mommy and Daddy will have more children and we will tell them about you all the time. We know we will see you again but until then, you'll be in our hearts, forever and always! Jailyn Alexis Hatch... Born silently Feb 19th, 2005 Love always, Mommy and Daddy


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