miscarried February 26, 1999.
Remembered by Shirley, Nicholas and Ashley Hardy (Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister):
Although it took us over 2 years to get pregnant with you, we believe God has his reasons for taking you from us. After months of tests, we finally got the positive result we had been waiting for. We were all so excited and we let everyone know. We didn't have any idea or reason to think you would leave us, but at 17 weeks, God had different plans. Though the pain of losing you will never leave, I am thankful I got to hold you for that 5 minutes to say "Goodbye" to our precious little baby. Your big sister Ashley really misses you and looks up to the sky looking for you and wondering if you are looking upon us, and we know that you are. You will always be in our thoughts and our hearts, never to be forgotten. One day, just some day, maybe we will reunite again in God's special place. We will always love you!


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