born September 16, 1999 and died September 16, 1999.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
Our brave and strong little girl fought for 5 1/2 months while mommy and daddy thought you were a perfectly healthy baby that would be born January 24, 2000. It was on the 20th week that we had our first ultrasound and learned your tiny little heart and lungs would never develop to the right size and that there was fluid on your brain and you had a urinary tract blockage so the fluid was backing up into your system instead of allowing you to urinate it out to produce amniotic fluid. You struggled in that dry sac until you found yourself in the delivery position and decided it was time the doctors told us that you would probably not make it past 24-26 weeks. We went into the hospital September 15th and they induced labor and you were born on September 16 at 5:21pm. We are glad we held you, but were sad that you didn't survive labor where we could bond with you. We love and miss you dearly, but know you are in a safe place and we will see you someday. Love always, mommy and daddy


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