born December 9, 1995 and died June 17, 1996.
Remembered by Mom and Dad and two big brothers:
a poem written by an incredible nurse who loved and cared for our beautiful baby girl...

They took be down to Old Cape Cod, it was a rainy day.
I loved the ride, the weather didn't matter, I got to the sea.
This is a very special place for my family.
I'm glad they shared it with me,
The sand, the ocean, the sea shells, a happy memory.

They'll go back to the sea someday,and I'll be there.
My Mom will look at the rolling waves and she'll sit on the shore
rocking with the motion, she'll be rocking me.
My dad will see the waves, crashing, angry can be the sea,
he'll dive in and he'll think of me.
My brothers will run and play and mom and dad will say, remember
when we brought Brooke to the ocean that April day.
Barbara A. Widen 4/96


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