born September 21, 1988 and died September 21, 1988.
Remembered by her Grandpa and Grandma:
Makayla was our first Granddaughter. We supported our daughter, Carol, thru her pregnancy and were to be her coaches at the time of labor and birth. She had a normal pregnancy until August 1988 when she lost some fluid. The doctors felt it was just urine and sent her home. On September 20, 1988 Carol called us in labor almost on her due date. We grabbed a bag we had ready with special things and headed to the hospital. We got her checked in. In the room they hooked up monitors but seemed unable to get the babies heartbeat and so brought in an ultrasound and still nothing. Carol didn't realize it yet. When the doctor broke the news, we were stunned. Carol went thru labor and delivered sweet little Makayla on Sept. 21,1998. She was perfect and beautiful. We never got to say hello, only goodbye. We miss her so and think of what she would be doing now. This September the Childrens Hospital in Minneapolis had a very touching memorial service for those who have lost their babies. It was beautiful and we were in tears thru the service. It was a time of mourning and healing and we thank God for the chance to remember Makayla so.


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