Remembered by .....................:
I don't need my name to be seen, you know I remember you, because you know who I am, and you know how I felt , still feel, and how many tears I've cried for you. I remember it didn't hit me until I saw your father, he looked like he was holding up fine, but I knew that he was hurting on the inside. I Wanted you're arrival to be special, I wanted it to be perfect... turns out God had other plans. We can't always get what we want and I now realize that. I don't know why but I feel empty now, kinda lost, even though i never shared a breath with you, I miss you, I don't want you to be forgotten. I won't forget you. I started to make plans for us... thinking back to all the fun me and your father had, I wanted us to have that fun. I wanted you to be like your cousin Marinna, I've always felt the closest to her... I wanted us to have that, but I'll meet you someday but not yet. And it probably is a good idea to ask your grandma for ice cream. I love you lil' botadusche.


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