born july 16th 2004 and died july 29th 2004.
Remembered by mommy bridgett ,grandma pam, daddy, aunts uncles, cousins:
I waited 9 long months for the day i would see and hold you daimmen. i was in labor for so long and i waited to hear you cry but you never.. the doctors had to resetate you and sent you to childrens. mommy wanted to be there so bad. but i got really sick.. then i got to come see you. and the last day they told me that you were brain dead and i had to let you go. i had never felt so hurt in my life. i didnt wanta say goodbye . cause i never really got to say hello. i miss him so much.. one thing i will always wonder among other things is what color was his eyes. he would be a year old this july 2005 i wanted to watch him walk and say my name. those things i will never hear or see. i love him and miss daimmen with all my heart forever. love mommy


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