miscarried April 1, 1999.
Remembered by Uncle Bob, Aunt Laura and Cousin Elisabeth:
Dear Precious Little One,
We had hoped today to learn that your mommy and daddy heard your heartbeat for the very first time. Instead, we learned that you were gone before we even got to know you. We understand you are in Heaven with Jesus but our hearts are sad because we wanted you here on earth with us!
We hope you are playing with Elisabeth's little brothers and sisters - the tiny little ones that, like you, went to Heaven to be with Jesus before we even got to know them. And we look for the day when we will hold you, and them, and be a family again.

To Your Mommy and Daddy,
We know how much you loved and cared for the tiny life growing inside you. And we can only imagine how much you hurt right now. But we are praying that a new life will soon grow within and the sadness you feel today will be replaced with hope and joy for the future. We love all three of you.


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