born September 12, 1997 and died September 12, 1997.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister Kara:
One more little spirit to Heaven has flown,
To dwell in that mansion above,
Where dear little angels, together roam,
In God's everlasting love.

One little flower has withered and died,
A bud ready to bloom,
It's life on earth is marked with pride;
How sad it should die so soon.

Sweet little Lauren, that precious flower,
Filled her parents' hearts with pride,
They miss their little girl every hour,
Oh, so many nights they have cried.

Her sweet little voice will never be heard,
In the home where she was to abide;
Her place is vacant in the household,
Where her family is left to reside.

They are mourning the loss of a little girl,
With dark eyes and auburn hair,
She was a treasure to them in this world,
This beautiful child so fair.

One September day, a short time ago,
Her Savior called her, she had to go,
Now the earth enfolds her little shape,
Where it must forever lie in her embrace.

Her parents will never forget
Little Lauren that is no more;
She is waiting on the shining step,
To welcome home loved ones once more.

We love you and always will - Mommy, Daddy, and Kara


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