born March 6, 1993 and died March 6, 1993.
Remembered by Aunt Anna:
Hi my little guardian angel,
Olivia how your mommy and daddy miss you, they need you to look after your new sister or brother when they enter this world around January 14th 1998. You will always be their first born, you were so wanted by your mommy and daddy and when Jesus chose to bring you back home to Him, it was hard for the whole family to understand, even though we are a very religious family. Why he would take such a sweet angel, and now 5 years later we realized that Jesus needed you in heaven to watch over all of us, especially your mom and dad get through this time in there lives. Please wrap your loving arms around your mom while she brings to life your sweet brother or sister. Your birth was so anticipated by all of us on the morning of March 6th--we has such hope and dreams about you, what you were going to look like, would you have your daddy's curly hair, your mom's temperament. But you were not meant to be on this earth with us but someday we will all be together again! The day we put you to rest you would of been really proud of your mom and dad, and your 6 cousins who each put a pink rose on your grave site and your grandma, grandpa, daddy and mommy all sprinkled holy water on your grave. Did you like that? At your funeral your uncle Tom wrote and recited this poem he wrote for you, do you remember?
Olivia's victory
Hence this world of science and steel
there are no answers for the way we feel
For those who believe
this life is but a journey,
there are those chosen ones who are aloud to pass,
beyond such things for this we know
Olivia has her wings.
Yet for a little while longer, we must endure this strife
but are hearts are glad with olivia's new eternal life!
We mourn your loss and miss you indeed but these
are the comforts of mortals you see,
truth be known there is no sting,
for Olivia plays with the king of kings!
Written by your uncle Tom


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