miscarried 23/05/2005.
Remembered by Her sister Chantelle,brothers Nicolas and Sebastian and her mummy Anne Dalipi:
I never got to see you smile nor hold your hand, instead i cry you've gone from me a 'barren'space where once you grew in a small welcome place I knew something was wrong from the very start aching and pains, a huge fear in my heart an everyday battle to keep you within the scans reassured me, but my confidence thin i just wanted to love you and watch you grow up complete my family, surround you with love nothing could prepare me for the day you were gone no longer within me, now another angel with God those precious scan photos now all that i have to remember you my 'baby' so precious, so loved I cannot tell you how much you are missed so mummy writes you this poem and gives you a big kiss I will never forget you, nor deny you were mine I guess my heart aching - will heal over intime I name you 'Hope Angelese' and i send you our love to you my sweet angel, sleep soundly above love you from mummy, Chantelle, Nicolas and Sebastian in your memory taken away from me 8weeks/40 23/05/2005


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