born June 21, 1973 and died October 13, 1973.
Remembered by Daddy:
When you were born you were my dream come true. I know now how lucky I was to have spent some time alone with you. To hold you close, to feel your love, to talk to you. You were the first one in my life whom I cared anything about. When you died I could not understand why but I know you are still with me in my heart and will always be there for me. Someday with our God's will we will be back together again. You have a half brother and sister now, London and Harper. Someday I will tell them all about you. I know they will love you as much as I do. We will save a lot of hugs and kisses for you until we see you again. My sweet angel boy I'll talk to you again in my prayer. Love you always!! Daddy


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