born 11/26/02 and died 3/20/03.
Remembered by Mommy and Jordan your brother:
Jaedyn you truly truly lit up my life. I think about you all the time....all the trouble you and your brother would be getting into together. Though I think you would be the brains of the operation. Jordan will be 5 this December and I think all the time how you wouldve been 3. How you both would have been the best of friends in high school, going out and picking up girls together....god, all the girls that would LOVE to go out with my boys!! U both wouldve been heartbreakers for sure. How much you would have loved your stepdad who you never got to meet, but Im sure you know all about....did you send him to me? If you did Thank you honey, and thank you for looking over us all. Love you always and forever, Mommy


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