born November 25, 2004 and died February 22, 2005.
Remembered by Nichole, Christopher and Christopher Blue Jr, ( Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother):
We miss our little peanut so much. She was so special and brought us so much joy. Alison was a gorgeous little girl, always so happy. She smiled all the time and loved being held and cuddled, she would lay on your chest with her tiny fingers in you shirt, and listen to your heart and drift off to sleep, looking so peaceful, and innocent. The day she was taken away from us was the worst day of my life, I knew about SIDS but like every parent I figured, “That would never happen to me“, and it did. I was and still am very heartbroken over losing my little girl. I always wanted a little girl, to do hair and make-up with and play dress up. We had just bought her first dress the day before she died and she was gonna gt all dressed up and come meet me at work work with her daddy, but he never got the cahance to put it on her. I still have that dress, and I cry into it alot. We miss you, Alison


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