miscarried May 7, 1998.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
Precious child, we were so surprised when we found out that God blessed us with your presence. You see, Daddy and I didn't want to have children but we changed our minds and we tried, only once and would you believe it, there you were! I felt so wonderful when you were inside me. I was so excited, I felt so much love, so strong and waiting to see your beautiful face. Daddy and I dreamed about what you would look like, what you would be when you grew up. Our first child, we were so awe-struck at what we made. Unfortunately, you died a few weeks later. It took 5 doctors to tell us that you wouldn't be born. We were devastated! Daddy and I cried ourselves to sleep at night. Daddy cried in my chest and I fell apart in his.A wonderful doctor felt our pain too but told us to let go, let you go to heaven and always remember you as our first child. I know you are in heaven right now, growing, learning and watching over us. We know we will see you someday, only then will we hold you for the first time. We gave you a name because I felt in my soul that you were a boy, we named you Adam, because Adam was the first to walk the earth. You were the first to stir our souls. God Bless you Baby Adam, God Bless you and keep you in his grace.
We love you and miss you, Mommy and Daddy


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