miscarried Jan 25th 2005.
Remembered by Margarette Mae:
Dear baby, I'm so sorry that you never got the chance to breathe. If I still had you inside of me my life would be totally complete. I still think about you all the time. Sometimes this all seems like its a bad dream. Now I think about it and I would be able to hold in about a month and a half and I'm just really scared. Even though I don't have you physically, you are always a part of me. It seems like infinity and forever past since I figured out that I was having you. I was so scared. I had not the slightest idea what to do. All I knew was that I loved you and I will forever. I dont know why I lost you. I dont know what happened. I knew something was wrong though. I'll see you soon though so dont worry, baby. I'll see you in heaven. I'll hold you and I'll never let go of you. Im just sorry that im missing out on seeing your first smile, first curl, your first step and just seeing you grow up. You are my precious little angel. Dont forget little baby that mommy will always love you.


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