Remembered by Mummy:
Now that I have the chance to tell you how much I love you, I suddenly find that I do not have enough words. My tiny beautiful angel open your wings and fly with the angels, dance with the stars, visit the moon and heaven. Remember that I will always love you. You will always live in my heart and my mind. I will never forget you. Do not be scared and do not be sad for I will always be thinking about you. Do not wipe my tears or dry my eyes. Do not watch me cry. Someday, somewhere, somehow I will see you again and hold your tiny unborn body in my arms, complete with your tiny fingers and tiny toes and you will be just perfect. Sweetheart rest your weary head and sleep peacefully. One day mummy will see you again and then I wrap you in my love and protect you forever. Until that day, I love you angel and you're forever in my dreams. Night, night xXx


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