born August 7, 1998 and died August 7, 1998.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
How perfect and beautiful your little earthly body was, I still see your sweet little hands and feet when I close my eyes. I long to hold and love you so desperately but this shall not happen in this life. I don't ask why nor do I shake my fist at the sky for I know that this is but a short time on earth. Although my arms are so terribly empty if I was given the choice to have you on earth or forever in eternity, I would choose eternity every time. I know that your life was not in vain, you served our Lord just way the He wanted you too. What a blessing you were to me and your Daddy. Your brothers and sister miss you so much, everybody does. I cant wait for the day when we shall be rejoicing in our Lords goodness together in heaven forever. I love you always.


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