miscarried July 7, 1984.
Remembered by Lori Abbott (I lost Jesse's father, Tim, just 2 weeks before I lost Jesse.):
Jesse, I want you to know that I love you! and that I know that your daddy would've loved you too! I am writing this now to say good bye! I just couldn't make myself do this... but I have to! Because whenever I see a red haired child I can't help but cry and feel sad and angry because I lost you! The only link left to your father... Your grandparents don't even know that you existed... but they will soon know the truth!! Even though you were barely 10 weeks in my uterus, I "felt" you there. And when I held you in my hands for just a short while and cried... You will ALWAYS be in my heart right alongside your daddy!!!!!!!!!
I love my Jesse! Mommy


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