miscarried June 16 2005.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
Hailey, was our third child. We lost 2 precious babies last year. The first May 16th 2004 and the second November 6th, 2004. We were not able to know if they were male or female. We lost Hailey due to Trisomy 21, a abnormal chromosome also known as down syndrome. We had so much hope of a life full of love with this little bundle of joy. Sadly we lost Hailey at 3 months. Now we face what to do in the future. She will never be forgotten, we wanted a baby girl first and she was taken from us to fast. I know that we never got to see her but she is loved and precious to us. I miss her daily and will mourn her due date which was Christmas time. We love you, Mommy and Daddy


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