stillborn April 15, 2005 Born asleep.
Remembered by mommy (sonia), daddy (stephen), spencer and shamus:
shaun, our precious guardian angel, there is not a day that goes by that we do not think of you and miss you terribly. our lives were full of hope and joy when mommy was carrying you, til that day on april 14th when the doctor could not find your heartbeat. it was the darkest day of our lives. seeing them lay you in the ground was the hardest thing for mommy to see. i have to hold back everyday to not go to your resting place and want to dig you up and hold you in my arms again. but as short as your life was, it had a purpose and meaning. we will never forget you, NEVER! we know that you are watching over us and keeping us safe. your brothers dearly miss you. they were so looking forward to having you with us to play with and read stories with.we will be with you again someday. til that day comes. you are up in heaven with all your great-nannies and poppies who are taking good care of you til it is our turn to be with you again.we also know that God is taking care of you our precious guardian angel. always loved and terribly missed. mommy, daddy, spencer and shamus


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