miscarried July 6, 2005.
Remembered by mommy,daddy,grandpa,step-grandma,auntie heather,stephanie,godmom amanda and cousin damario:
The day I found out I was pregnant with you I was soo happy to be having my first child. I wanted to go out and buy everything just so I knew that you would have everything you needed. Daddy was excited too. The day we went to go see your tiny little heartbeat on the screen was the day they told us you had went to heaven. Darling mommy loves you so very much and I'm happy that you are watching over me and your family. We all miss you so very much and hope that one day we can all meet and be a family together. I wish I could have sang to you ..your first lullabye..gave you your first kiss and hug...bath..bottle...diaper change. All of that will have to wait now. Mommy misses you severly everyday and prays for you all the time. Love you much little girl and see you soon.


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