miscarried 1995, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2002.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, and big brothers:
When we found out we were pregnant with a fourth child, we were excited as were all three boys. Daniel being the youngest was seven and everyone-work and family were excited. This wasn't to be-a blighted ovum we were told and this is usually a one-time event. Since were had been so happy with this pregnancy, we decided to try anyway-and were pregnant a few months later-all was well until the a blood test at 16 weeks showed an abnormalty-many emotionally painful visits followed-ultrasounds, amniocentis and genetic doctors-she was a Turner syndrome baby with a worst case condition-and no lung development. After much discussion and with heavy heart and much love, at five months, we lost this baby-our only girl(that we know of). After several months of recovery-physical and emotional, we again found I was pregnant and another blighted ovum was blamed-(they had said this shouldn't happen again). OK, my heart hurt so much, surely after three healthy kids and three miscarriages, I deserve another healthy baby-no, I had miscarriage number four. Miscarriage number five happened when I was 44 yrs old and did not try to get pregnant and so I was not so distraught with this lose-but would have loved this baby with all my heart. To all my five babies-I love you and think of you every day-your brothers and dad loved you too-even though you were only with us a short time.


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