born July 25, 2002 and died July 25 and 26, 2002.
Remembered by Nana and Papa Surratt:
Our special boys, how we miss you and love you dearly. It has been three years since you left us and went to live with the Lord. You have been loved and thought about every second of every day. Your third birthday just passed and we went to the cementary and talked to you for a bit. I know that you are not there, you are in heaven, but it just helps me to go there and visit your graves. Your sisters are growing and they are so happy. Brynna is a miracle. When I look at her, I see the both of you and wonder how in the world your mom and dad would have made it with the three of you running around getting into things the way she and Madisyn do. They are a hand full, but I know in my heart that your parents would have been able to handle it, but God had something better in store for you. It is still so hard for us to understand why everything happened the way it did, but I know that God knows and it is not for us to ask why. Well, my darling boys, just know that we do love you and miss you very much and will alway keep you in our hearts. Until next time, be good boys and stay in the arms of God. Love, Nana and Papa


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