born February 24, 1997 and died February 24, 1997.
Remembered by Mother Tammy and his Father Dean Hoepfinger:
We would like to share our memory of Seth Alexander Hoepfinger. He was born February 24,1997. He was not supposed to be here until July 22,1997, so he only weighed 1 lb 8 oz and was 8 1/2 in long--he had long legs like his daddy. And I think he would have been a blonde headed little boy. We were so thrilled when we found out we were pregnant with him. I felt him move and felt his love growing inside me but the Lord had bigger plans for him in heaven, so he called him home and he left us but his memory which will go on forever. You may ask yourself what kind of memory could you have. Our memories are he was going to be our first born together--we were filled with so many hopes and dreams of him and what he would look like and be like and we hold on to those dreams still. And our most special memory of him was when we saw him on the sonogram because he looked as if he was waving to us saying "hi mom and dad, I am here in mommies tummy and I am real". And he was real. Another special memory was saying good-bye to him when we were at the hospital. If he had lived, he would be almost 2 now and I have done this for him in honor of his second birthday. I know I will see him one day. I now have a beautiful baby daughter and I believe Seth is her guardian angel and Seth lives on in her because she is apart of him she is his sister. Happy Birthday Seth Alexander Hoepfinger. I will never stop loving you and I will never forget you. I will see you again one day my sweet precious angel in heaven. Love mommy


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