born August 28th 2005 and died August 29th 2005.
Remembered by Mommy(Ashley) Daddy(Taylor):
Dear Dubaunte, Oh what can i say baby I love you so much,You were born today and then Gone by midnight, I loved to hold you and hear you breath, and hear your heart beat. Then I fell asleep watching the VMAs and when I woke up you wernt breathing, I tried to do everything i could but it was to late I just wanted to tell you that im sorry and that i wish i could of saved you because I really loved you and Ill never forget you Gosh I just feel so guilty ... I should of stayed awake i was just so happy to have you Im so sorry baby I will see you very soon Because I cant live this way anymore Why couldnt it of been me? I love you baby... <3Mommy And Daddy


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