born October 16, 2000 and died October 26, 2000.
Remembered by Randy and Andrea Lee:
It has been over 4 1/2 years since we held you now. The hurt isn't as sharp; but, the emptiness is never gone. I look at your younger cousin and brothers and try to picture what you would look like if you were still with us. I try to imagine how your little personality would have blossomed by now. We only had you for 10 days; but, it only took those 10 days to produce a lifetime of love and a lifetime of hurt. God and I are working on our differences; but, I know He is taking great care of you. I know that one day, Jesus will take me by the hand and bring me to my baby girl; and, there you will be smiling at me. That day, I'll gladly trade a lifetime of hurt for an eternity with you. Until then, Baby Girl, just know that we continue to love you and miss you very much.


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