born February 17, 1996 and died February 18, 1996.
Remembered by Grandma:
Oh Makayla, grandma misses you so much. I was elated when I knew you were on the way. I was so excited to go with Mommy for her ultrasound at 32 weeks only to find out there was no amnio fluid and that you would be born in just a few days. We knew it was still a little early but were convinced you would be OK. I knew immediately when you were born that you were in trouble. All those tubes and machines. It was a very hard decision the following evening for your daddy when he had to decide to have the respirator shut off. When your heart continued to beat, I finally had to chance to hold you and I told you, "It's OK Makayla, you can go." Oh, how I wanted you to stay, but I knew deep in my heart that was not going to happen and you sprouted your wings and became an angel. I miss you as much today as I did the evening you passed away. You are my little angel and I will love you forever.
Love, Grandma


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