born August 27, 2005 and died September 13, 2005.
Remembered by His Mommy and Daddy and Big Sister:
Johnny, where do i start. You were such a fighter. From your little crys at birth to your wigglin around in the incibator and trying to pull your tubes out and finally did at points. Your little lungs just couldnt take everything anymore. We will never forget you and the joy that you shared while you were on this earth. Even tho you were 15 weeks early you still had a head full of hair and looked just like your daddy. I am so glad that we were able to stay by your bed side at your final breaths and your daddy got to hold you until you died. you are always going to be my little angel and now just watch over us and we will see you when we get to heaven. daddy and you will be able to throw ball and do all the things that we werent able to do here. I love you John Anthony Bonner and i will never forget you... Love your mommy


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