born August 28th, 2004 and died December 14th, 2004.
Remembered by Nana Rumrill, Kati Banovic:
Sweetheart, nana misses you more than anyone could ever imagine, from the very first time i saw your tiny little face, I loved struggled so hard to be born, and you were early, but you were the most beautifullest little baby. I remember touching your skin for the first time, it was so soft.....I just couldnt help but want to cuddle you in my arms. You grew so fast, it was amazing .....from almost 4#'s to 12 lbs in just 3 months. You were starting to make your sweet little cooing sounds and one time I could swear I heard you giggle. Then for some reason God needed you with him, and one heartbreaking night you were taken from us. Our lives were crushed, my heart was broken, your Mommy and Daddy cried so hard. I didnt know what to say to your brother and sister when they asked “why did God have to take away our Hayleibug“? What could I say to them? I hurt so bad.I have to believe little angel that you are in a better place, that for some reason God needed a special angel and he chose you. I know that I will always miss you, my heart and my life can never be the same. I love you Haylei, my little sweetheart. Until we meet again, Nana


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