miscarried August 2005.
Remembered by Daddy, Mommy, Josh, Brittonie, Hanna, Sera, Haleigh, and Nathen:
Although we know that you are in the arms of Jesus and I'm sure singing with the angels, a talent I'm sure you inherited from your daddy, it doesn't make our grief any easier to endure. We know you will be loved and cared for there, like you would have here. Our arms ache to hold you and my fingers long to touch your sweet, tender skin. My heart breaks now, but only now, not to have seen those angel eyes of yours. The sadness is great and the memories of these brief moments we did have you is almost too much to comprehend, but we will be with you one day. We pray that you know our love for you and that you will forever be a part of our earthly family. For now we have named you Angel Baby 2 because your older sister Sera was nicknamed Angel Baby by Josh when she was born. She doesn't mind sharing her nickname with you. One of the hardest things that I faced when we found out that you had gone on to be with Jesus was the tears that your brother Josh and your sisters cried for you. They still mourn the loss of you with us. Everyday since we got the news, one or more of them asks me questions about you , or they give me some sort of encouraging word about you. The pain is still very deep, I'm crying as I write this letter to you, but rejoicing in my heart that you were created. Our love for you is deeper than the loss. Until we meet in heaven and rejoice together, I LOVE YOU. (Jesus, enjoy the baby that we are not able to enjoy, give him a kiss for me)


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