born June 2, 2005 and died June 5, 2005.
Remembered by Your Mommy:
Boys, Boys, Boys how I wanted all of you but I definelty had more hope in you two than any others because I use to say God wouldn't do that to me again but now I know he took all 5 of my precious little men to serve a greater purpose. You are all Kaelee's guardian angel and you guys are there for mommy to talk to when she just needs a pick me up. I feel your kisses when I lay down at night and first thing in the morning. I love you all more than you could know but I rest assured that you have each other and great babysitters until I get there and then I am sure I will have some serious reffering to do. Many Hugs and Kisses till I hold you again and please all of you Play Nice!!! Love Mommy and Kaelee says hugs and tons of kisses kisses and a few extras for you Lukey!!!


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