stillborn december 13, 2004.
Remembered by Sorrell(mom), Brandon(dad), and Corbin(brother) Goff:
Our daughter is considered to have never been alive but she was. She kicked her daddy in the back every night for 5 months straight.Little JoLee was very much alive and was dearly loved. my husband always wanted a little girl and was so happy when we found out that he was getting what he wanted.i carried that sweet angel for 9 months only to have to bury her. She was so beautiful. She looked like a dark haired version of our son, only she had my ears. I was so proud of those ears. Now all we have is a piece of ground to a bag of clothes she wore in the hospital. No matter how little material things we have of hers, we have her legacy of a beautil and strong little girl. we also have our love for her and will have it for the rest of our lives. REMEMBER THE LOVE


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