miscarried 1999-2001.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy & Matt, Justin, Emma and Chelsea:
My sitatuion is a little different than some of the other ones on here because I lost eight pregnancies to miscarriages. Since then, we have had our identical twins, Matthew & Justin and our last daughter, Emily added to our family but you are all still a part of me. Some people say that you can't miss someone or learn from someone that you never met but, I know that is not true. The reason I know this is because I learned from these losses. Losing all of you helps me remember everyday to be thankful for my loud, untidy house and the toys that are strewn about. Because you were all in my life, though for a brief time, I have learned to try to remember not to take anything for granted. I have learned that the people I love can be here today & gone tomorrow. I am a better mother now because you all were a part of my life and I truly believe that Chelsea, Matthew, Justin & Emily are gifts from God. And, even though my family is “complete,“ I want you to know that I miss you all and wonder who you might have been. There will always be a whole in my heart and a certain feeling that part of my family is missing. I love you. I miss you. I can't wait for the day I finally hold each one of you. You were all planned, all wanted & are all still loved. Love, Mommy


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