miscarried February 1991 at 14 weeks.
Remembered by Mommy:

Baby mine, you left too soon
before I chose your name.
Baby mine, you left too soon,
but I was glad you came

Baby mine, you're in my heart,
my body, soul and mind,
Baby mine, that's where you'll be
until the end of time.

Baby mine, I see your smile,
in Kenton, Sami and Belle
Baby mine, your heart lives on
forever in mine as well.

Dearest baby, I wanted you with all my heart - you were to be my firstborn. I'll always wonder why you were taken from me at 14 weeks...and I'll always wonder what could've prevented your journey to heaven instead of into my arms. Always know that you are loved, and still loved by Mommy and Daddy. Someday your brother and sisters will know you too. Look out over us and stay with us - I need you as I always have, and always will....with love until I hold you in heaven. Mommy


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