miscarried February 4, 1997.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Grandma Eileen, and big brother Harlen Ray:
Angel, We love you so very much. I don't understand and I guess I never will. Your name was to be Jessica Eileen, but when we found out we lost you your Aunt Brenda named you different. Mommy and Daddy go to our local SHARE group every month. I think of you every day and wish you were here. People say that if we ever have another baby the hurt from loosing you will pass. Maybe to them but not to me. No matter if you ever get a baby brother or sister, you will always be a very special part of us, and we will never ever loose the love we have for you. We hung a stocking up for you this pass Christmas and a ornament on the tree. We put a special thing on grandpa Harlens' grave just for you, every chance we get. If only you knew how very much I hurt the evening I went to the hospital, just to have some strange guy tell me my precious baby which I wanted so bad was dead , and that I would end up having to have a D&C done immediately. Baby, do you know what mommy told them besides I wanted you back? I told them I wanted to hold my baby girl. Although we weren't able to get computerized proof you were our little girl, I knew in my heart. I don't know what went wrong but I loved you from day 1. I will forever love you and cherish you. I have little things sitting around in memory of you and the outfit I had for you to come home in and a bear and your sonogram pictures along with hospital papers in a box for you. I did get to hold you after the D&C. They had you in a little plastic jar. How tiny, but I knew you were real, and I thought if only God would have let us kept you, but, I know you are watching over us now. "Holes in the floor of Heaven" is a song I play for you baby girl. Mommy loves you and your Big Brother knows all about you and he talks about you, we all love you and someday we will all be together forever. Until then, tell grandpa Harlen, grandpa Robert, grandma Lulabell, and grandma Myrtle Hi and give them hugs and kisses for us.
Forever and Always with all our LOVE, You're forever in our minds and Hearts.
PS: Mommy wrote a poem for you. Will have to get it on here later.


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