miscarried April 2002.
Remembered by Angela - Mommy, Kevin JR - Daddy, Gwynevere - Little Sister, Elwood - Little Brother:
Our Little Angel who awaits us in the Heavens above how greatly you are missed. Day - by - day I think about how I long to hold you in my arms and I greive to know that until my time on earth is done I will have that longing. You left us at the doctors hand when they stopped your heart with medicine through me telling me you were not concieved. I carried you for 3 months before I lost you out of my womb. I felt so ever lonely, empty, and sadden by your loss. I want you to know mommy never forgets you my little angel. You are loved and missed by us. We love you Sammy! Love Mommy, Daddy, Gwyn, and EJ


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